December 20, 2012

My 2012 Microcity modules

I'm proud of present to you my microcity modules of 2012

You can see all my micro city modules in Hispalug (google transtalte) Flickr or brickshelf for best resolution

First the video:

And the modules:

Starting the explanations here a little mausoleum, that was the latest I've build and this is what i have done with the remaining pieces, cause I have mainly technic pieces 

Following here's a building made using lots of collectible minifigures bases, this is the second one I've built using this pieces.

Now the farm, the first module where I introduced SNOT techniques.

And for closing this double module featuring a park and a "Russian" inspiration building, here with the mausoleum:

The backside:

A pair of perspectives:

And finally a little visual explanation of the snot used in the middle of the park:

I will be very proud if you enjoy it ;-)

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