January 2, 2012

Unimog Brabus Black - "Dakar" Edition

Not only because the real model that this moc emulate, also  has nice details and ingenious solutions, like the slippage prevent system.

This is the real model represented, and this is the superb moc:

As the author (Andrija Posarić) said in Eurobricks:

"here is my recent project. I wanted to make a really powerful and relatively light truck, that can go over lot of obstacles and is not likely to get stuck. I hate gear skiping sound, so I constructed a system that literaly prevents gear slippage in the drive train. You can see details in the photos.

Black has 2 xl motors for propulsion, gear reduction is minimal 12-20 + 12-20. Each axle is powered by it's own motor. Steering goes through one M motor, reduction is 8-24(clutch)-12. I made a double steering rod, so each front steering mechanism is firm, and it eliminates any wobbling.

The suspension is independent on all four wheels, but only front two are steerable. I didn't use the portal axle for further wheel reduction, because I wanted to have efective suspension, for higher speeds and maximal traction with the surface.

The body is simmilar to Unimog Brabus Black, but the chasis is widened, to give it rough Dakar modification style. There is also boxer 8 dummy engine in the back, with double exhausts, double airintake on the roof, and a rollbar."

"Here is a power transfer bracket that I constructed, which prevents gear slippage. I used thin 12 tooth cog for power input, which perpendiculary meshes with thin 20 tooth, and on oposite side is another 20 tooth cog, which has a hollow middle, and is here in bearing and momentum centralisation function. The whole mesh is supported from the fourth side with dummy thin 12 tooth cog, which is here only for support."

Nice solution for technic mocs!

lego dancing monkey

Funny stop motion film, look to the dog and the garbage can guy! XD