January 31, 2012

Crowkillers Lego Technic Vampire GT 2012

I apologize for not having posted this video yet...

Studless 2012 Lego technic Vampire GT Supercar

Over 1,900 pieces.

Opening/Closing Gullwing doors.

New Styled 5 Speed Transmission with Reverse.

Ratios are as Follows:

1st Gear 2.08 : 1
2nd Gear 1.60 : 1
3rd Gear 1.25 : 1
4th Gear 1 : 1
5th Gear .75 : 1
Reverse 2.25 : 1

Dash Switch that lets you easily select Rear Wheel or All Wheel Drive.

Working Hand of God steering with working in car steering wheel.

4 Wheel independent suspension.

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