June 1, 2011

Brabham BT52

This is the RoscoPC's Brabham BT52 from 1983 rendered by Blackbird.

As seen on Eurobricks 

"This car is shaped totally differently than the last, with much more dependence on aerodynamics including the large rear wing. As we will see, the engine is also quite different. This car features a narrow body since ground effects were banned at the time. On the inside, you can see the suspension and the fact that this model is motorized with Power Functions. From the outside, you would have had no idea that those features were hiding inside which, in my opinion, makes it perfect. The IR receiver is perfectly integrated into the body, and the Lithium battery is totally hidden inside the chassis."

This is the second F1 rendered, showing the different "layers" of build of this impressive and accurate models.

We will wait patiently for more!

The "real" One:

And the Real "real" one

Known affectionately as the 'brick'

I felt very inspired when I saw this ship.

I will do something similar with this concept!