August 30, 2012

August 28, 2012

August 27, 2012

CAT 6090 as big as it builder is ^_^

CAT 6090 Lego technic

Not as big as other creations of Jorgeopesi, but based on a trully big real thing this is a Minning machinery Front Shovel masterpiece, which display an amazing technical resources, suck as: 5 motors in order to reach 8 functions, one of it pneumatically controlled with autovalve, improved rubber design tracks with bars and old style gears to accomplish maximum traction, and aesthetic details, this model is the most complete creation of Jorge ever. See more images and the final video below.

August 26, 2012

Large actuator made of 99% lego pieces

How to build long actuator without using third party pieces?

This one by Mbmc uses as body of the actuator this pillar piece, long axles and a slim fishing line to operate.

Very smart solution for long actuators, it only pushes but is long and strong, see it in action at the video:

August 22, 2012

Space ship masterpiece

I can't tell how much I like the shape, the details and the construction resources of this ship, how original is the design despite of being a "brick"

Here, the elegant creation of M_o_n_k_e_y nice example of how the little details can enhance the whole thing

Lego Brick space ship

Lego Brick space ship

Lego Brick space ship

I'm specially in love with this photo, a nice presentation of the starfighter.

Lego Brick space ship

M_o_n_k_e_y has some more excellent Starfighters, check it out at his Flickr SET

August 17, 2012

Nice 9398 alternate

Midoritamidori has created this animal based alternative model for the 9398 lego technic rock crawler set.

This model include only parts of the official set and it's remote controlled, very original concept, this is thinking out of the box!

August 16, 2012

Big ideas for small moc's

Some great ideas just fit inside small creations, this truck is 16 stud long, 6 stud wide and 10 stud high, and it's presented by Mbmc at Eurobricks

Small lego truck

Lego truck mini PF

How is possible to hide all these wires and fit all the components inside it?? Lego magic! watch it in movement:

August 14, 2012

Counting to 7 mechanically

Nico presents the Lego version of the Digicomp, "a mechanical computer sold as a plastic toy in 1963."

The detailed explanation of how it works is an interesting complement to this flawless creation.

August 13, 2012

The planetary Fork

Akiyuky keep applying different mechanisms to gbc modules, this time a module featuring planetary gear named "fork" with excellent gearing system, counterweight spinning at double speed and a beauty zig-zag ramp that drive the balls to the exit.

The style of Akiyuky now is consolidated and instantly recognisable by their politeness in mechanisms, colour schemes and awesomenes.

What the... Monowheel

Zblj present this funny creation can you figure how it works?? ;-)

August 12, 2012

Studded Renault 4

For those that not only think in supercars and also appreciate cars like the Sheepo's mini cooper or the modified VW Beetle here's an excellent moc of the fabulous...

The model is quite good recreated, fully suspended and has remote functions, drive and steering.

As Marinus says the roof and the doors are very fragile, that is the price of making the body of the car studded and very well recreated, as it is instantly recognisable

Lego renault 4

Real Renault 4 drivers will love this creation!

August 5, 2012

The Ultimate GBC train loader module

Akiyuky keep growing the awesomeness of his GBC modules, note that there's only one motor and it is inside the "train" all the rest of the movements where pure mechanical.

Another perfect clockwork, congratulations Akiyuky!

Technic Trebuchet

I don't have an official future projects list but the trebuchet is "virtually" in it, during the documentation process I've found this video of a Lego technic trebuchet, featuring technic figures, and I can't resist to share it.

There's lots of Lego examples of this medieval siege equipment in youtube. If my plans work as planed soon I will show a minifig-scale one for the Hispalug medieval dioramas ( and more medieval equipment) and a technic "big" scale one, to test maximum range....

August 4, 2012

Tracked crawler carrier from Makorol

Makorol upload this photos from between 30 Dec 2009 & 02 Jan 2010.

So this is a fantastic creation that you might not noted... a Crawler Carrier:

crawler carrier

Lego crawler carrier

Good machinery looking.
crawler carrier

Nice details in the "bucket".
Lego crawler carrier

Seems really fun, it would be a pleasure to drive and to play with it, about the model the high attention to the details and the nice piece usage mixed with the creative building techniques used in it make the model look just great.

I just realised that there's a video of this creation in movement!!

Enjoy the crawler moving and showing it's mechanisms.

Makorol Flickr photostream
Makorol Youtube channel

August 3, 2012

Functional LEGO Wheelchair

This creation is simply awesome, I never figured that Lego technic frame can do this... A human real scale functional vehicle...

In Burf's words:

"Currently still a prototype, the LEGO Wheelchair can move a 90kg person.

It uses 6 NXT's to drive 12 NXT motors (2 per NXT for maximum power output) which are connected to 12 Rotacaster multi-directional wheels. Using these wheels will later allow for side to side movement(strafing).

There is a master NXT which controls the 6 NXT via turning on/off touch sensors. The joystick is connected to 4 touch sensors to determine direction (forward, backwards, turn left, turn right). 
The master NXT then turns 2 motors (left / right side) different directions which turn on / off 12 touch sensors (2 per NXT for backwards / forwards)."

August 1, 2012

New YT channel. Old Unimog

To inaugurate my new YT channel where i will upload only my LEGO creations (not like my previous channel where I mix everything..) I've edited my Unimog 401 trial truck videos, long time waiting inside of my laptop.

Don't panic about the eartquakes during the filming of the video...  and enjoy!