May 29, 2013

Lego Monorail with the ability to turn corners

Yes, this Lego monorail can turn 90 degree corners without any difficult. By egolegoque

It seems this is only a prototype but already deserves some diffusion it's too smart to let it get lost.

May 26, 2013

LEGO Motion Sensor without Electronic accelerometers

Everyone knows the accelerometers and sensors that are compatibles to the nxt, but in this case gdoset has done a similar device but full mechanical, with an XL motor as counterweight and the PF remote control.

Simple, smart and funny way to control RC sets and mocs!

As he say in Youtube:

"Control your LEGO creations with a motion sensor that functions like a single axis accelerometer, making it' steering feels just like Nintendo Wii."

May 24, 2013

Fantastic and fantasy military equipment with LEGO

One of the best things about LEGO is that you can create everything you want, so let's add to this fact military theme and...

You can achieve the level of  this two builders...

This is a LEGO model of the Antonov A-40 Krylya SirHandyMan so many details in here, as the tail of the... planetank

And here, a R-6 Froghopper, small one-man reconnaissance walker By JonHall18

It worth the mention of various EPIC piece usages in the body, articulations, legs and feet, also the master use of colours as old and new grays.

You have to know that building instructions for the walker can be downloaded here

May 20, 2013

Big images of the new 2h 2013 LEGO TECHNIC sets now with B-models

Presented by increasing size:

42001 Mini Off Roader

It keeps the orange color theme and seems a cheaper way to have the new micropanels.

42005 Monster Truck

Interesting piece count, panels, balljoints and the best trialtruck wheels.

42008 Service Truck


This is the return of the green, it seems the most interesting set of this season due to piece count, the great number and variety of the rare green panels and the pneumatic functions combined with linear actuators.

The secondary B-model seems interesting too.


42009 Mobile Crane MK II

LEGO TECHNIC 2013 set crane
LEGO TECHNIC 2013 set crane

Yes, another crane, personally i prefer the b model so much, a container handler:




May 18, 2013

It's not unusual in Sheepo. The LEGO Caterham Super 7

Presented as one of the novelties of the past MADbrick exhibition, the latest creation of Sheepo has all the latest technology developed by it's author, as the 3rd generation of gearboxes, the usual and  brake systems, transmission and suspension consistent with the actual car,also a special attention to every detail of the car, from the front to the rear even the interior, seats, exhaust and the sculpting of the body. All of this in even more compact space than in previous cars.

Sheepo LEGO caterham 7

Sheepo LEGO caterham 7

Sheepo LEGO caterham 7

Sheepo LEGO caterham 7

Sheepo LEGO caterham 7

Sheepo LEGO caterham 7

For sure you want to know more of this car and it's author, so visit Sheepo's Garage

If not.. ( I doubt ) The video of de car will change your mind:

May 17, 2013

Fantastic Pollo and Kite LEGO vignettes, the LEGO little treasure

I'm mainly into Lego Technic, but I also got special feelings with "normal" LEGO vignettes, they can combine small size, lost of details and skill demonstrations, this is the case of  "Kostbar-Kite" by mijasper

And from one of the latest collectible series, the "POLLO" a funny chicken street vendor without complex, by the wife of chomas22

May 7, 2013

More mechanisms

Philip Verbeek is doing a great job at great ball contraption and reaching high level on this kind of creations.

check out his Website for interim updates, work in progress and more LEGO stuff

May 5, 2013

One motor one great contraption

Youtube user 05yattaran has this fantastic example of great ball contraption among othe good videos

May 4, 2013

Magnificent JPS Lotus 72

JPS Lotus 72 by DeTomaso77
JPS Lotus 72, a photo by DeTomaso77 on Flickr.

The ratio detail/scale is just over 9000! ;)

Via Flickr:
The JPS 72 built to go with my JPS Transporter.

The Lotus 72 gained JPS livery in 1972 and with it Emmerson Fittipaldi claimed the World Championship, and came close the following season. With the failure of the Lotus 76, the Lotus 72 had to be used for a futher two seasons before finally retiring.

It turned out to be the most successful Formula 1 car ever with twenty race wins. The Lotus 72 raced for six years! and won three Constructor's Championships. The JPS livery was used in the 1972-75 seasons with the Lotus 72 in D, E and F configurations.

May 3, 2013

From basic LEGO CALENDAR to advanced level calendar!

Another example of how development can improve everything, and LEGO let do it so well

This is Nice Piece Usage

I Built a Car! by 「Ƞicκ C.」
                           I Built a Car!, a photo by 「Ƞicκ C.」 on Flickr.
                    Via Flickr:
                    And to proper minifig scale, as well.

May 2, 2013

Balance maze, Lego can do everything

From the same creator of this sphere, the maze "Labyrinth" assure hours and hours of play and joy!

As usual in Lego creations it is extremely customizable and easily can be everything that you imagination allows.

At this moment its project on CUUSOO has more than 4000 supporters, let's try to do the final sprint! SUPPORT IT!!

We will, we will, BLOCK YOU!

Nice piece usage in all the details.

"We will, we will, BLOCK YOU!" by Ochre Jelly
                                 "We will, we will, BLOCK YOU!", a photo by Ochre Jelly on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Since my larger Mercury model generated the usual deluge of hopelessly optimistic "please post instructions!" requests, I thought I'd meet people half way this time and at least offer a CubeDude version! (instructions to follow)