September 30, 2012

LEGO Volkswagen Jetta RC by SpiderBrick

LEGO Volkswagen Jetta RC by SpiderBrick

This model by Spiderbrick  is instantly recogniseable, the Volkswagen Jetta “vocho”

LEGO Volkswagen Jetta RC by SpiderBrick

As usual it's building is full modular:

The Black Walker

between several fantastic creations of his youtube channel, this one from CarterandCoProducts get my attention cause it's fantastic smooth and realistic walking movement, also the steering mechanism is nicely done.

Built over a year ago, it's good to finally the rest of the world knows about it

September 29, 2012

LEGO Antonov AN-140 keep progresing...

Follow the work in progress of this fabulous plane in EUROBRICKS topic.

The landing gear system is now finished:

More videos of this WIP in carsten svendsen Youtube channel

New LEGO GBC ball lifting mechanism

As Landon Garrett sais on his video:

"lego gbc, I've never seen one like this on youtube, I would like someone that's an expert lego builder to build a module like mine using the same lift design"

This idea of using a kind of "unidirectional valves" is similar to others such as the Akiyuky's Step module V2  but in this device the balls where fully vertically lifted, in fact it's a vertical jigsaw with stops, and it has possibilities of being improved on more visual way and become a great gbc module. Nice work!

The mentioned Step module:

September 20, 2012

GBC Perfected

After the revolutionary video of GBC 20 modules, Akiyuky has uploaded another epic video to make clear that he keeps all of his creations assembled, note that some modules are modified and improved, like the Spiral Lift Type2.

And now, relax and enjoy the video:

tracking the blue and red balls.

running at 1.0 balls/sec
construction time : 600 hours

his blog

1. ball factory (inspired by superbird28)
2. zigzag stair
3. zigzag lift
4. pneumatic
5. cup
6. screw T1
7. basket shooter
8. mechanical train
9. screw T2
10. screw T3
11. spiral lift T2
12. elevator & coaster (coaster inspired by Hidaka's ball rolling)
13. fork
14. spiral lift T1 & step
15. catch & release
16. belt conveyor & pinball
17. 5-axis robot S750"

What's coming next, 2013 Lego Technic sets

With new numeration, this is what the rumors say that the new 1h2013 Technic sets will be, presented in video by dfs473

September 19, 2012


"SoundMachine is a 4 track 8-step drum sequencer that uses the LEGO Mindstorms NXT to scan a set of drum "notes" which are then played using Ableton Live. The NXT uses four colour sensors to detect the colour of 2x2 LEGO bricks as the plate is scanned in. A controller written in Processing interprets the colour pattern and sequences MIDI note messages to send to Ableton Live, which in turn plays the sounds you hear.

The music on the video was created by SoundMachine itself - music you can build"

This video shows how the plate is scanned and converted into notes in the GUI, which in turn sends MIDI commands to Ableton Live to play the music.

Fantastic creation by Markclego

September 18, 2012

Wind up Gandalf arrives

Not sure if this is technic in some way but I'm really sure that's interesting and lovely in many ways.

"A wizard is never late with this motorized wagon. Give Gandalf some real horse power with the wind up motor."

September 10, 2012

Mechanical SHIFT GBC

The Sqiddster's  latest GBC module was an amazing NXT contraption, this time went to the opposite, an excellent mechanical contraption with only one motor,with this he has reached a place in the gbc builders hall of fame. ^^

Enjoy this original-and-inedit  4-step module:

September 8, 2012

GBC display at Lem 2012

This is a large GBC display with lots of creative modules and some quite nice reproductions of famous ones, for sure, it was a nice meeting.

September 4, 2012

Technical Stone Floor

Blake Foster has developed this cool and lovely stone floor texture using this technic pieces.

Lego technic floor

Depending on scale it will work fine for different uses, cobblestone, rough fabric... Nice example of how the Technic pieces have SNOT uses for regular building.