July 15, 2011

LEGO GBC 10 modules by laurens gauwloos

In their site  laurens gauwloos pubkished this 10 modules GBC with some interesting features, and reinterpretations of known gbc concepts and techniques.

"This Lego great ball contraption "GBC" has 10 different modules and are sturing with 8 PF-M motors and 2 PF-L motors. It took me 1 month to finish it. It is 2 metre long and 30-40 centimetre width. It contains: A ball shooter, a moving bridge, 2 ball lifts, a ball accelerator, a ball wheel,.... It is powerd by 2 PF-battery boxes and 2 switches to have the righe direction. there are also many delays with gears and worm gears.
You'll see that I have used tracks for the lifts and for the ball wheel and a big shock absorber for shooting the balls."

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