June 26, 2011

LEGO GBC Ball Factory and Zig-Zag by Akiyuky

Once again Akiyuky GBC creations reach the perfection...

And after the ball factory shock this "stepper" that is not less ingeniously.

June 24, 2011

LEGO Spec Ad - Life of A Lego Man

ever wondered what it's like living in a Lego Town? possibly a bit like this. especially when you're a 20 year old Lego man your arms might come out occasionally.

a spec ad made for MOFILM's Cannes 2010 LEGO competition - note this video is not associated with, or endorsed by LEGO Group

music by Samora O'Neill
downloadable from http://samormusic.com

directed by Hugh Mitton

starring: David Stokes, Oliver Devlin, Anthony Ball, Sarah Reeves

June 20, 2011

Lego Rube Goldberg Maschine

Really nice example of this kind of LEGO machines.

Lego Rube Goldberg Maschine a video by Brixe63 on Flickr.

Lego RC tatra 8X8 By Zblj

Zblj Just presented this massive Tatra Truck at Eurobricks!!

One of the main resources to get lots of torque is the use of planetary gears inside the turntables of each wheel

The two independent RC motors use two indpendent gearboxes in order to power indpendent left/right side wheel drives. This way the trucks steers better, another advanced engineering resource.

Power: 2 RC motors
Gearbox: dual synchronized gearbox
Final gear rations: Low 1:50, high 1:16,67
Length: 60 cm
Width 23 cm
Height (-antenna) 22 cm
Weight 3,2 kg

Check the all terrain performance in the video:

Excellent MOC, in the line of this awared builder.

June 12, 2011

Mindstorms (In fact Lego WeDo software)and Portal game enthusiasts can enjoy the latest Sariel's video.

More impressive MOC's on his BLOG

Two Cute Hobbes

Found in Momonga's Brickself

June 11, 2011

LEGO Planetary Gearbox by Sheepo

When anything is extremely difficult Sheepo beat the limmits!

Indeed a planetary gearbox without planetary gears!

Better than long explanations see the video below and the original post in Sheepo's garage

The new pieces!! of 8110 Unimog of course

Finally photos of the new stuff!!

By courtesy of Comunidade 0937

June 10, 2011

Funny Dog race

Enjoy this exciting race!

ADSC02038 a video and photo by tomi&tree on Flickr.

Centrifugal Tachometer By Nico71

This creation is a tachometer based on centrifugal governor.

Using this principle the device give a fixed position for a fixed speed. Also it can be used to limit top speed of a function, to protect it from self damage or from danger of harming someone, like in steam machines.

The video is the best to explain the device...

June 5, 2011

Lego Moulding Machine (#4000001)

Lego Moulding Machine (#4000001) 

The exclusive set for the LEGO Inside Tour - 2011.
The set consists of two moulding machines, the first was a replica of the original hand operating injector back from 1949. The second, Larger one is copy of the current Moulder that LEGO uses today that ... well made the bricks that made this model ;)
Each model has working features - the little one can 'press' the mould together. Where as the large one has a little slot to put in 1x1 round plates in (or raw abs) , followed by a separate mechanism to 'press' the mould together. the little 1x1 round then drops down an incline and into the yellow basket below - where it waits to be whisked off by machines to storage.
In action.

Time lapse build video.

Photos, text and vid. by: Si-MOCs

June 4, 2011

レゴで【 電動 観覧車 】を作ってみた。(LEGO electric Ferris wheel)

I can't find how is build the power part at bottom, but anyway this is a great Moc and awesome use of train road curves.

June 3, 2011

The 8110 Unimog is here!

"to commemorate its 60th birthday, Lego and Mercedes teamed up to create a build-it-yourself version."

"The LEGO Technic Unimog U 400 will be sold in toy stores starting in August and will also be available from Mercedes-Benz dealers."

Big scale, lots of functions and possibilities, look at this comparison:

The new pieces:

Green: spring coils
Red: A new C-Shape frame 
Yellow: portal axles
Blue: the return of pneumatic mini pump!

The tires size is 94,3 x 38R", which would mean the largest in diameter in straight tires ever released by LEGO.
And it's shape were so realistic around 1:12 scale.
The orange pieces will be much appreciated too.
And the playability of this set must be brilliant. Just as motorisation possibilities.



Traduction Of this Image by WanWan at Eurobricks.

The text in the upper part of photograph.
"It acts all over the world and the strongest 4WD work car."
"Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG U400 appears in the LEGO TECHNIC! "

The text over the photograph of real UNIMOG.
"The LEGO TECHNIC assembled by making good use of mechanism
reproduces the function faithfully like a real car.
The motor, the air pump, and various gimmicks installed in the body
make this Unimog more real.
How about challenging to assemble LEGO TECHNIC that can construct mechanism?"

The text in the right of the photograph of real UNIMOG.
"What is the UNIMOG?"
"Multipurpose work car that Daimler of automaker manufactures,
and sells by Mercedes Benz brand.
About 3000 kinds of work attachments can be installed, and in Japan,
it acts in various places such as snow removal or the road maintenance, etc. "

Text that explains the winch.
"The sound of wind seems like a real!"
"You can pull the small truck of the LEGO TECHNIC
by the winch that is equipped in front of the UNIMOG.
The winch draws a freight by using gears and the power of motors. "

The text in the right of the photograph of the emblem.
"That famous emblem is reproduced."
"Emblem that is proof of Mercedes.
Of course, the emblem decorates LEGO TECHNIC as well as the real UNIMOG,
and shines on the front hood and under the rear taillights."

Text that explains the grab.
"It can load the freight gripped by the grab onto a load-carrying platform."
"The grab is opened and shut by the power of the air pump and freight can be gripped.
Bending and stretching and the rotation of the arm are also possible. "

Text that explains switches.
"The operation place is switched with various switches. "
"Switches installed above electric motor.
It is a device that switches the operation of the arm and the winch
in addition to the direction where the gear is rotated. "

Text that explains electric motor.
"The heart of the Unimog is an electric motor. "
"An electric motor is installed under the body.
It can send air to the cylinder of the power arm and can rotate gears."

June 1, 2011

Brabham BT52

This is the RoscoPC's Brabham BT52 from 1983 rendered by Blackbird.

As seen on Eurobricks 

"This car is shaped totally differently than the last, with much more dependence on aerodynamics including the large rear wing. As we will see, the engine is also quite different. This car features a narrow body since ground effects were banned at the time. On the inside, you can see the suspension and the fact that this model is motorized with Power Functions. From the outside, you would have had no idea that those features were hiding inside which, in my opinion, makes it perfect. The IR receiver is perfectly integrated into the body, and the Lithium battery is totally hidden inside the chassis."

This is the second F1 rendered, showing the different "layers" of build of this impressive and accurate models.

We will wait patiently for more!

The "real" One:

And the Real "real" one

Known affectionately as the 'brick'

I felt very inspired when I saw this ship.

I will do something similar with this concept!