September 20, 2012

GBC Perfected

After the revolutionary video of GBC 20 modules, Akiyuky has uploaded another epic video to make clear that he keeps all of his creations assembled, note that some modules are modified and improved, like the Spiral Lift Type2.

And now, relax and enjoy the video:

tracking the blue and red balls.

running at 1.0 balls/sec
construction time : 600 hours

his blog

1. ball factory (inspired by superbird28)
2. zigzag stair
3. zigzag lift
4. pneumatic
5. cup
6. screw T1
7. basket shooter
8. mechanical train
9. screw T2
10. screw T3
11. spiral lift T2
12. elevator & coaster (coaster inspired by Hidaka's ball rolling)
13. fork
14. spiral lift T1 & step
15. catch & release
16. belt conveyor & pinball
17. 5-axis robot S750"

What's coming next, 2013 Lego Technic sets

With new numeration, this is what the rumors say that the new 1h2013 Technic sets will be, presented in video by dfs473