October 22, 2012

LEGO Technic 42000 Grand Prix Racer

This is not the first time that dokludi build a replica of a upcoming set, this time it is the 2013  42000 Grand Prix Racer, check this galery for the details and the video:

And in this Flickr galery you can find the images of the set prototype found in ebay...

October 21, 2012

Technic ALL-IN

Malte-dorowski has a magnificent photostream on flickr, full of nice cars and usually uses technic figures as drivers, but in this case the technic figures where playing poker inside a fantastic creation, to accomplish some fantastic scenes, a kind of vignette with technic figures one of that things that make me fall in love...

This Van also is used for support the racing team:

And in the Malte Dorowski's photostream you will find lots of fantastic creations that car lovers will enjoy!

October 20, 2012

Lego Technic New sets for 2013 !!

Here the new images of the Technic 2013 sets:

Lego technic 2013 set

{Grand Prix Racer}

Lego technic 2013 set


Lego technic 2013 set
Mini Backhoe loader

Lego technic 2013 set


Lego technic 2013 set

Moto Cross Bike

Lego technic 2013 set

Off-road Racer

Lego technic 2013 set
Race Car

And the video of the Mini Backhoe loader, with review in Setechnic forum

Microcity inspiration

This is a little compilation of microcity ideas and techniques that I've found for inspiration and now I show it to us before presenting my latest microcity mocs.

LEGO microcity

LEGO microcity

LEGO microcity

LEGO microcity
by nxtorm

LEGO microcity

LEGO microcity

LEGO microcity
by otomos

LEGO microcity

LEGO microcity

LEGO microcity

LEGO microcity

LEGO microcity

LEGO microcity
by moctown

October 19, 2012

The walk of the AT-AT

This is how the rebel troops of Hoth defeat an 10178 AT-AT walker attack at Bricksur 2012

October 18, 2012

SFRIP's Space liner, the magisterial shape

Snot techniques, multiple direction building, SFRIP has applied all his skills to accomplish this sleek space liner made of LEGO but with TENTE style.


More photos...

October 17, 2012

LEGO NXT Rotatory milling machine

You might remember the LEGO "3D Printer" by arthursacek some time ago, this time he goes one step further and make a 360 degrees miling machine.

"There is a lot of improvements, but the most important is that it is running leJOS with a linked PC. Now there is no more file size restrictions. All the data is in the computer that sends small amount of coordinates to the NXT every loop."

It was developed to participate in the WRO 2011 - Abu Dhabi in the "LEGO Robotics Experts" area, among many other fantastic creations, as you can see in this video:

LEGO® Technic Challenge 2012

This is the video presentation for the 2012 Technic Challenge 

For the first time ever, we are giving you the chance to create a design for LEGO Technic! If you win, your design will be used to produce and launch an exclusive, limited edition LEGO Technic set available for sale online!

Another 2 Skaerbaek GBC videos

This time by the cameras of Maico Arts and Lasse Deleuran, two fantastic GBC builders.

October 16, 2012

Chinese GBC

Chinese non oficial balls and lots of NXT
Lots of nice ideas for adapt to the standard

Chinese LEGO fans made GBC at 2012,July 29th.
Organizer is CMNXT.com ( http://www.cmnxt.com/ )

October 5, 2012

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Spectacular reproduction of this also spectacular sports car, the fidelity of the lines and the studded zones make it look as aggressive as the real thing.

LEGO Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

LEGO Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

More photos in the LEGO Bro Flickr Galery

October 4, 2012

Compact steered and suspended chassis

M.R. Yoder published this photo on Flickr:

LEGO steering

As the photo says it is a compact steered and suspended four axis chassis with smart use of ribbed hoses as straight gears.

LEGO steering

LEGO steering

Theres also a video of it working:

And a nice creation using this system:


October 3, 2012

Mechanically programed GBC by momonga

I saw something like this inside a official Lego Technic idea book 8880 to control a crane..

This time Momonga use it to control a gbc:

With this "card"

We will stay tuned for the work in progress, but for now it seems in the good way:

October 2, 2012

Komatsu 840 Forwarder by JH

It's nice to know a creation that discovers you a great builder, This time it happens with Jonas, it deserves to have is blog linked here and it is a pleasure to present his latest creation:

The Komatsu 840 Forwarder.

LEGO Komatsu 840 Forwarder

I want to highlight the fidelity with the real thing and all the mechanisms and functionalities that it has, it's perfect to play with!

LEGO Komatsu 840 Forwarder

I don't want to explain all the details because I want you to visit his BLOG entry where's explained in a superb way, but as usual here's the video:

October 1, 2012

First Video of Skærbæk LEGO Fan Weekend GBC

Cassiebsg has uploaded the firs video I've found of this big GBC, enjoy!

As other videos appear It also willl be featured ;-)

Turntable LEGO GBC belt

while we await the publication of  the GBC display videos from Skærbæk 2012 event  here is a nice belt module by Rui Almeida that will be featured in Skærbæk.

the peculiarity of this module is that uses liftarms and a piece of the new turntable assembly instead of technic links, in addition the belt is loaded from a inverted chain wheel to accomplish a nice module.