March 29, 2012

Ghost in the Shell - Lego Tachikoma

Few days ago mahjqa asked for this pieces.... 

whould you know why??

Amazing full of functions Lego Technic interpretation of the Tachikoma.

March 27, 2012


You might have noticed that this last weeks the blog is not as prolific in posts as it usually was...

This is because I'm with my university degree project, and BTW drinking tons of coffee...  So this is a little compilation of Lego coffee creations:

Lego Coffee Capsule Dispenser

"Coffee Capsule Dispenser built with Lego NXT. Includes a coin recognition mechanism, a coffee capsule storage with pneumatic dispenser unit, the Lego NXT with screens and programming together with an air tank pump and pressure routing unit."

Crazy LEGO Mixer Robot

I always wanted a device like this, really crazy robot ^_^

The Lego Coffee Assistant

The most known coffee related Lego MOC, it uses NXT brick and a modified spoon to ad sugar and mix your coffee, it has smart internal mechanisms and it is activated by clapping your hands!!

And now two Tea machines, both using the NXT brick too and with different systems but the same function, helping with the preparation of perfect tea.

March 26, 2012

Sine Cosine Machine

Another curious device made by aklego, this time it makes projections of the sine and cosine mathematical functions, using gears in epicycloid configuration.

As said in video description:

"This machine is a physical reproduction of a program entitled SineCosine that ships with the computer language "Processing" The program makes four dots oscillate in simple harmonic motion, each pair being 90° out of phase . This machine does the exact same thing. Rotary motion is converted to simple harmonic motion using an epicycloid straight line mechanism."

March 25, 2012

Pneumatic Buggy - High Pressure Testing

What happen if you add 7bar pressure to a LEGO TECHNIC PNEUMATIC ENGINE??

Don't think in it just check this video! Drifting like a dragster! Some Power Functions buggy want to race??

One great GBC module and two smart mechanisms

From now not only excellent gbc modules, the builder Akiyuky also made mechanism representations, and the excellence level of his creations has increased a lot since we know it, a really good new! Because we will keep following that awesome creations.

Here his last GBC module, really no worlds can describe the elegance and complexity of it, specially if you are a Lego gbc buider.

In the video description say that Akiyuky will upload internal mechanism of this module some day. And we will wait.

And this two mechanism "representations" from real things but perfectly functional for LEGO devices, like new GBC modules.

"only" an Harmonic Drive with 1:16 reduction ratio, hypnotic device.

And this Cylindrical cam is a perfect system to actuate mechanisms in a smooth way and with possible synchronization. And with video instructions!

March 20, 2012

Tiny Teddy, The teddioteer

Tiny Teddy, The teddioteer by Karf Oohlu
Tiny Teddy, The teddioteer, a photo by Karf Oohlu on Flickr.
Higher level of piece usage performed by Karf Oohlu, strongly recommended Lego builder, imagination and creativity unleashed.

March 14, 2012

Lego Marble Run V1 / GBC

To demonstrate that the GBC art is not necessarily extremely complex here's this module of belt, from ElectryDragonite

March 12, 2012


It might be simple but the idea and the decoration where fantastic, we will stay tuned for this Wip

March 6, 2012

LEGO #8865 V4 Engine

This photo talks itself, personally I'm in love with all the details that can be found in it, for example: the blue version of the V4 with all these extra details, the crane, and all the improvements on the rear of the car: spoiler, lights the opening rear bonnet...