January 15, 2012

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40 by ZetoVince

Ferrari F40, a photo by ZetoVince on Flickr.

Lego Pneumatic Engine V4 switchless (2500rpm) LPE-DIHC

Astonishing mechanic device, switchless and reaching 2500 rpm without problem....
 just look at the tubes!! *_O

From video description: ( from SuweraGER )

"This is my new V4. I changed the tubing and steering, so now it runs max. 2600 rpm and min. 100 rpm. If somebody recognized it, at 1:04 the tubes are realy pulsating, because of the high pressure of 6 bars. The cylinders, camshafts and all the other plastic parts are still fine.
For the new tubing I drilled some extra holes in the cylinders. The hole at 1:49is for the inlet. At 1:55 you can see two tubes, the lower tube goes to the outlet valve. The upper tube is sticked on the original inlet and conect the 1.chamber of the 1.cylinder with the 2. camber of the 2. cylinder. The 1. cylinder and the 2.cylinder runing against each other. This makes that the cylinders works like their are doubble acting."