August 5, 2012

The Ultimate GBC train loader module

Akiyuky keep growing the awesomeness of his GBC modules, note that there's only one motor and it is inside the "train" all the rest of the movements where pure mechanical.

Another perfect clockwork, congratulations Akiyuky!

Technic Trebuchet

I don't have an official future projects list but the trebuchet is "virtually" in it, during the documentation process I've found this video of a Lego technic trebuchet, featuring technic figures, and I can't resist to share it.

There's lots of Lego examples of this medieval siege equipment in youtube. If my plans work as planed soon I will show a minifig-scale one for the Hispalug medieval dioramas ( and more medieval equipment) and a technic "big" scale one, to test maximum range....