March 25, 2012

Pneumatic Buggy - High Pressure Testing

What happen if you add 7bar pressure to a LEGO TECHNIC PNEUMATIC ENGINE??

Don't think in it just check this video! Drifting like a dragster! Some Power Functions buggy want to race??

One great GBC module and two smart mechanisms

From now not only excellent gbc modules, the builder Akiyuky also made mechanism representations, and the excellence level of his creations has increased a lot since we know it, a really good new! Because we will keep following that awesome creations.

Here his last GBC module, really no worlds can describe the elegance and complexity of it, specially if you are a Lego gbc buider.

In the video description say that Akiyuky will upload internal mechanism of this module some day. And we will wait.

And this two mechanism "representations" from real things but perfectly functional for LEGO devices, like new GBC modules.

"only" an Harmonic Drive with 1:16 reduction ratio, hypnotic device.

And this Cylindrical cam is a perfect system to actuate mechanisms in a smooth way and with possible synchronization. And with video instructions!