December 30, 2011

1st Anniversary!!


- 215 posts

- 30.000 visitors

- 20 Blogger followers

- 33 FaceBook followers

This little project to show and share interesting Lego creations in mainly Lego Technic theme is now one year old, thanks to everyone who visit this blog!

I need one of this:

Hope we can celebrate more anniversaries and make that this little blog continues growing!

Two marvelous Trucks

Found in Eurobricks and so different:

December 29, 2011

Start the new year with Akiyuky's new GBC's

4, yes 4 new and fantastic Great Ball Contraption Modules From the GBC virtuous Akiyuky

The first two modules where new and fabulous versions of Archimedes screw and Spiral Lift modules, the 1st Spiral and 1st and 2nd Screws where smart and beauty too.

In addition this awesome pneumatic module, I'm really impressed and fascinated with the precision of movements and the sequence timing.

And finally a new concept in GBC (at least for me), the Zig-Zag, I will replicate this module too, for sure !!

Nice new creations of probably the best and the most creative GBC builder.

December 15, 2011

GBC actuality

Nice work in progress:

And cute GBC display in Mondsee 2011 at Austria:

Parda's LEGO TECHNIC pneumatic compressor V4

This is my 4th Lego Technic compressor, after little modifications it has been used in a pneumatic sequential GBC module that I will present soon. Very simple yet effective.

My previous compressors:

December 9, 2011


 "BallMageddon is an all LEGO scrolling sign that uses 2-inch diameter DUPLO balls as its display element. Seven builders, 11 NXTs, over 800 DUPLO balls, and many 1000's of LEGO elements.  
 Each character took a bit over 3 minutes to display. This was shown at BrickCon 2011, at the Seattle Center on October 1-2.

BTW: The final "BrickCon 2011" segment took approximately 45 minutes for the contraption to display in real time." 

December 8, 2011

Lego pin sorting machine

Itchy4000 presents in his youtube video a machine for sort normal pins and long pins, as the video shows, it works very well!

December 3, 2011

Lego Continuously Variable Transmission CVT

If you don't understand how the CVT (continuously variable transmission) works at this previous post...

 This creation from Nico71 can explain it perfectly! Just watch the video, all explanation inside!

As he wrote on the video description:
"Based on modified version of Zblj's Transmission. This CVT enables a variation of the speed (and the torque) from 40rpm to 200 (1/5, 1/1) with constant speed for the motor (200rpm). The two mechanical tachometers show respectively the speed of the motor and the speed of the output."

And the rotation of the yellow connector shows when the torque limiter slides.

By the way since the previous CVT post I've found two more examples of cvt gearboxes:

The firs one is made by Sheepo  that uses two conical surfaces concted with a wheel, as some motorcycles do.

The other cvt gearbox is a compact and very smart idea by Rob Stehlik at Robs Lego Design site

"My Lego CVT is a friction drive assembly, and it is really just a quick concept that wouldn't be very practical in real applications."

"These pictures show the full range of the white disk. One of the wheels is the input, and the other is the output. The speed of the output can vary from much slower than the input speed to much faster. Sounds real technical doesn't it? I didn't bother calculating the exact ratios."

December 2, 2011

Sheepo is the winner!

At is announced the AFOL winner of the "2011 TAKE THE CHALLENGE" and as expected is....

SHEEPO!! my congratulations your creation deserves it!

GBC Unloading train module

Nice example of unloading module that manages to receive lots of balls form a train module and give them at approximately one per second, as GBC rules said.

Creation by Brdavis