December 9, 2012

My Technic Challenge Crawler 9398 entry

This is my proposal for the competition, note that this is a serious proposal, even it is only a sketch made with Photoshop  but the concept is clear, mix the 9398 chassis with ancient wooden truck bodywork made of modern Lego.

Lego Technic competition crawler

I think that this is the best way to make a special edition of the latest Lego toy, a tribute to the first toys made by the brand, with wide possibilities of interesting snot building techniques an decorated pieces, really from this idea can go a real collector's item!!

This is the link if you want to vote for it:
and some more photos:

The Big Belt ^^

One of the several GBC creations of buzlamouche featured in his youtube channel is this "triple" belt module, with Pin Zig Zag descending ramp, simple, elegant and effective.

Great load capacity, curious motorisation method, and funny exit gate with that ramp. This kind of modules always where good to control the ball flux on the GBC circuits.