February 24, 2013

Do you want your own LEGO Land-Rover Defender 110 ?

Now you can build your own Land Rover Defender 110!

The instructions were available at Sheepo.es, this and more than 3000 parts is the only that you need to have your very own copy of this superb model.

The instructions are high quality step by step made by Sheepo and Jurgen Krooshoop.

Watch the Land Rover Defender in action:

February 21, 2013

LEGOWorld CPH 2013. Another GBC record

The biggest Great Ball Contraption ever! Enjoy

That module in 1:08 seems a replica of the prototype from Daniracer featured Here

February 20, 2013

Two Fantastic Lego creations by Talapz

This constructor is already well-known cause his lego folding books, and also has been featured in this blog With a Rube Goldberg machine

The visual effect of this  LEGO Shadow Box is astonishing, and a great tribute.

And in this second video a funny contraption were the Friends girls scape from the evil troll ^_^

This were just two creations of Talapz, visit his Youtube channel to see another fantastic creations

February 18, 2013

Loom driven by LEGO NXT

If your passions are LEGO and Fashion, this creation is just for you!

Lego NXT loom

You might remember the mechanical loom, that was driven by one motor, this one uses several NXT components.

Lego NXT loom

And like all this machines watching it is mesmerizing....  Check it by yourself!

Lego NXT loom

February 17, 2013

LEGO Biological GBC

Every new creation of Akiyuky is featured in this blog, why?


Because they are just awesome! They mix technic building, mechanism masterful, aesthetic look and superb presentation. As this new GBC module do.


As you will see in the video it has six "dragon" heads with their necks that bite the gbc balls, bend backwards and leave the ball from their mouths with the tongue, all driven with only one PFm motor.

Cause the limited speed of the mechanism the solution of multiply the number of moving heads is nice alternative, makes the module more visual and accomplish the standard speed of ball moving in LEGO gbc standards

February 6, 2013

Partially LEGO Full Auto Book Scanner

A scientist's toy box has developed this scanning machine for books with Lego pieces, a control center II unit, a scanner and a laptop. It's impressive that this creation is from the year 2006!

"Once started, the machine opens the each page of the book and scans the content. The whole process is automatic.
The lesson of this story is that LEGO is great."

LEGO scanner
  1. The Shuttle/The Glider
  2. The Balance
  3. Controller
  4. Computer
  5. Scanner
  6. Rack
  7. Printer

How it works:
  • The Glider is wound up, The Shuttle is at the right position.
  • The Shuttle moves to the left.
  • The Glider winds down until it touches the book.
  • The Shuttles moves to the right. The Glider, touching the book, filps the page.
  • The Glider winds up.
  • The Balance is lift up. The computer detects the event and sends message to the scanner.
  • The machiene pauses for 35 seconds, while the scannaer is working.
  • The Balance lifts down.
  • Repeat.
LEGO scanner

Want to build it?
Detailed explanations, building instructions and more in the author's Webpage

February 2, 2013

Ave S-112 "Duck" Train by Aitoruco

Aitoruco's latest work on trains world is this fantastic model of another Spanish Train Engine, really accurate , having in mind the complex shaping of the original thing.

Ave S-112

The Renfe 112 series is a high-speed train of the Spanish rail company Renfe Operator, manufactured by Talgo and Bombardier. It's an evolution of the 102 series. It is designed to travel commercially to 350 km / h, although it has been approved to 330 km / h. The maximum speed currently circulating is 300 km / h.

LEGO Ave S-112

LEGO Ave S-112

LEGO Ave S-112

February 1, 2013

LEGO TECHNIC new sets of 2H 2013

Here the images and video of the Lego Technic 2H 2013 from Nuremberg Toy Fair.

The new 42009 Mobile Crane Mk II, this  five axle vehicle looks impressive.

LEGO TECHNIC 42009 Mobile Crane

LEGO TECHNIC 42009 Mobile Crane

Also huge 42008 Service Truck

LEGO TECHNIC  42008 Service Truck