January 31, 2012

Crowkillers Lego Technic Vampire GT 2012

I apologize for not having posted this video yet...

Studless 2012 Lego technic Vampire GT Supercar

Over 1,900 pieces.

Opening/Closing Gullwing doors.

New Styled 5 Speed Transmission with Reverse.

Ratios are as Follows:

1st Gear 2.08 : 1
2nd Gear 1.60 : 1
3rd Gear 1.25 : 1
4th Gear 1 : 1
5th Gear .75 : 1
Reverse 2.25 : 1

Dash Switch that lets you easily select Rear Wheel or All Wheel Drive.

Working Hand of God steering with working in car steering wheel.

4 Wheel independent suspension.

For more information and magnificent cars:

LEGO Vehicle with motorized central joint.

symphonic balance of smart community 4

The last video from Toshiba smart community series, see all videos related in the Toshiba Youtube channel.

And in this previous posts: 1st  2nd and 3rd

January 22, 2012

Sno-Cat Arctic Tractor

Via Flickr:
A build from the summer of 2006 right at the end of my Darkage.
A Sno-Cat Arctic tractor with steerable tracks.
Here is the link to the first time i posted it on Mocpages, it features many picture of the construction process. MOCpages post (2006)

The round orange wheel on the top controls the steering of the 4 tracks alltogether. I'm really happy I saved this one until I could take decent pictures! I also modified the tracks a little bit.

Bbrrrbrbbrbrbrbrr: Trembling Pen.

January 15, 2012

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40 by ZetoVince

Ferrari F40, a photo by ZetoVince on Flickr.

Lego Pneumatic Engine V4 switchless (2500rpm) LPE-DIHC

Astonishing mechanic device, switchless and reaching 2500 rpm without problem....
 just look at the tubes!! *_O

From video description: ( from SuweraGER )

"This is my new V4. I changed the tubing and steering, so now it runs max. 2600 rpm and min. 100 rpm. If somebody recognized it, at 1:04 the tubes are realy pulsating, because of the high pressure of 6 bars. The cylinders, camshafts and all the other plastic parts are still fine.
For the new tubing I drilled some extra holes in the cylinders. The hole at 1:49is for the inlet. At 1:55 you can see two tubes, the lower tube goes to the outlet valve. The upper tube is sticked on the original inlet and conect the 1.chamber of the 1.cylinder with the 2. camber of the 2. cylinder. The 1. cylinder and the 2.cylinder runing against each other. This makes that the cylinders works like their are doubble acting."

January 14, 2012

"You want a freakin' gun...

"You want a freakin' gun... by Karf Oohlu
"You want a freakin' gun..., a photo by Karf Oohlu on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
...how about this beauty."

that's certainly a gun...
Now how about a freakin' gun that will fit my freakin' holster, you freakin' smart-assed salesman.

Oh, just remembered the mother-in-law's dropping by for a month's visit, better throw one of them, and some freakin' live ammo in as well."

Lego bungee jump

Slow motion and technic figures... let me show you this!

January 11, 2012

Bugatti EB110 SS - door_engine_spoiler

6-W touristic technic figure truck

My own creation, the Touristic truck for Technic Figures ( Eurobricks thread), this video is the load test with more than 40 Buddies aboard!!

The specifications:

-1 driver seat.

-7 passenger seats.

-2 PFM motors, one for driving, one for steering.

-4 wheel Ackermann steering.


-1.2 Kg weight loading batteries and 42 technic figures.

And some photos:
Posted Image

Posted Image

Welcome to Parda Lines touristic tour...

Posted Image

Relax and enjoy the trip!

Posted Image

Posted Image

And the oficial one:

Posted Image

Hope you like it! All photos in my Brickshelf

January 10, 2012

Lego GBC 10 modules

"This GBC with 10 modules has only 5 motors: 3PF-M motors, 1 PF-XL motor and 1 9V technic motor (old motor). Some modules are self-invented, others came from the Internet."

LEGO Clock only 8110 Unimog parts

This is without a doubt the most unexpected alternate I've seen in my life...

Creation by: neomomonga

January 8, 2012

symphonic balance of smart community 2

Following the videos form smart community series blogged in this previous post there's tree more chapters, and soon tree more will be published in the Toshiba Youtube channel 

Scaled-up LEGO Bricks

In the blog  Scaled-up LEGO Bricks I've found this technic models in laaaarge scale.

this 20:1 scale Technic Dinosaur from the official set 8485 is in the Windsor LEGOLAND park, near the imagination centre.

And this BIG Lego Technic tow truck driven by a "store big minifigure"

January 7, 2012

Hoberman Sphere Spinner - Video

A LEGO version of a Hoberman Sphere. 

Let´s build attachments (For the Komatsu PC 228 USLC-8)

The Komatsu PC 228 US LC-8 built by  techniclego55 is a lucky machine, it has lots of attachements!

The machine:

And the attachements:

GBC Balls Reedition. Please TLC, Bring them Back

Due to demand in events for GBC circuits, it could be a great idea bring back this balls.

A lot of examples of the best modules are in this Blog, with GBC Tag:

Bricklink prices are horrible for large quantities, and new GBC builders don't have chance to have them for his first module.

I'm sure AFOL and TFOL even will pay for a set with a standard pack for a GBC module.
Even if TLC consider produce it in new colors and moulds it will be awsone rainbow coloured modules or mindstorms NXT colour sensor.

Please, leave you support in CUUSOO (Write price for 30 balls, a standard hopper capacity)


January 3, 2012

Lego Brick-Sorting Bird

Mechanical device for sorting different sizes of bricks! Clever mechanism to detect size when grabbing a brick , and depending to its size turn different angle... just amazing.

Creation by: MisterFitzGibbon

LEGO Rube Goldberg machine レゴのピタゴラ装置

Remembering this Rube Goldberg machine... Why not post this already known but excellent classic one?

January 2, 2012

Unimog Brabus Black - "Dakar" Edition

Not only because the real model that this moc emulate, also  has nice details and ingenious solutions, like the slippage prevent system.

This is the real model represented, and this is the superb moc:

As the author (Andrija Posarić) said in Eurobricks:

"here is my recent project. I wanted to make a really powerful and relatively light truck, that can go over lot of obstacles and is not likely to get stuck. I hate gear skiping sound, so I constructed a system that literaly prevents gear slippage in the drive train. You can see details in the photos.

Black has 2 xl motors for propulsion, gear reduction is minimal 12-20 + 12-20. Each axle is powered by it's own motor. Steering goes through one M motor, reduction is 8-24(clutch)-12. I made a double steering rod, so each front steering mechanism is firm, and it eliminates any wobbling.

The suspension is independent on all four wheels, but only front two are steerable. I didn't use the portal axle for further wheel reduction, because I wanted to have efective suspension, for higher speeds and maximal traction with the surface.

The body is simmilar to Unimog Brabus Black, but the chasis is widened, to give it rough Dakar modification style. There is also boxer 8 dummy engine in the back, with double exhausts, double airintake on the roof, and a rollbar."

"Here is a power transfer bracket that I constructed, which prevents gear slippage. I used thin 12 tooth cog for power input, which perpendiculary meshes with thin 20 tooth, and on oposite side is another 20 tooth cog, which has a hollow middle, and is here in bearing and momentum centralisation function. The whole mesh is supported from the fourth side with dummy thin 12 tooth cog, which is here only for support."

Nice solution for technic mocs!