March 27, 2012


You might have noticed that this last weeks the blog is not as prolific in posts as it usually was...

This is because I'm with my university degree project, and BTW drinking tons of coffee...  So this is a little compilation of Lego coffee creations:

Lego Coffee Capsule Dispenser

"Coffee Capsule Dispenser built with Lego NXT. Includes a coin recognition mechanism, a coffee capsule storage with pneumatic dispenser unit, the Lego NXT with screens and programming together with an air tank pump and pressure routing unit."

Crazy LEGO Mixer Robot

I always wanted a device like this, really crazy robot ^_^

The Lego Coffee Assistant

The most known coffee related Lego MOC, it uses NXT brick and a modified spoon to ad sugar and mix your coffee, it has smart internal mechanisms and it is activated by clapping your hands!!

And now two Tea machines, both using the NXT brick too and with different systems but the same function, helping with the preparation of perfect tea.