May 29, 2011

Rodeo Ride


Helipak, a photo by vmln8r on Flickr.
Technic competition style for technic chalenge competition! Luck with this!

Maersk locomotive moc

Maersk locomotive (2), a photo by Mad physicist on Flickr.
Definitively this 8 wide MOC is better than official one.

Trial Jeep by Nico71

Heavy duty structure! Beautiful.

Good looking...


Nice details and piece usages. Glorious steering wheel.

And the video:

All the information at

May 17, 2011

All about my pump

At the website: kugelbahn there's an exhaustive analysis of a marble pump and other machines made with Lego totally compatible with gbc dimensions. I recommend the full site, It's really interesting

May 5, 2011

Sheepo's Garage: Porsche 911 (997) Turbo Cabriolet PDK

Sheepo's Garage: Porsche 911 (997) Turbo Cabriolet PDK

This is previously called SuperCar 2011. Continue from this article: SuperCar 2011 - Chassis Note: PDK is the Porsche’s name to his dual lutch gearbox, and 997 is the generation (5th and actual).

All the article and more at: Sheepo's Garage

Lego Donkey Kong


Author of this interactive adventure:

Click the correct decisions on your way to rescue the princess. Enjoy!

May 4, 2011

world's smallest running LEGO pneumatic V2

This is the result of combining two LEGO interests: pneumatic engines, and miniaturization. It fits inside a 6x6x6 box (with the exception of the crank etc.).

May 2, 2011


THE GREADUAL ADJUSTER a video by LegoKiwi on Flickr.

The Gradual Adjuster is a 19th century style machine built to make small turns of a wheel at a time. Geared down from the flywheel it can probably make 1 degree turns. I first designed this machine years ago in my first year of intermediate, of course then it was a rainbow warrior :D

the mine GBC (mechanism) on board

On board cam to help on understanding the mechanism,starring little hispabrick 2010 event minifig with jetpack courtesi of Atlantis buddies ;-)