April 29, 2012

LEGO Meccano Vintage Car

As Firas Abu-Jaber said in the photo description at Flickr this creation is Simple yet creative. And also reminds me my childhood times playing with 60's meccano system from my father, building machines with dangerous metal pieces!! 

LEGO Meccano Vintage Car, a photo by A ( E on Flickr. Strongly recommended photostream!!!

April 23, 2012

SNOT technique: Double stud with cheese

Sweet technique, strong clutch power,very useful for SNOT builders!!

Double stud with cheese (combo), a photo by Lego Monster on Flickr.
Sweet technique, strong clutch power,very useful for SNOT builders!!

April 19, 2012

Lego Technic Projects in CUUSOO that you must support

I already do, and I want you to do too!

Here are the most interesting projects involving Lego Technic in Cuusoo site, and as a Technic fans we should support it and reach the first AFOLT ( Adult Fan Of Lego Technic) designed set in production!!

Starting with the last addition, this two cars by Sheepo, sure will be really appreciated at technic collector's shelves.

For technic fans and for some Mini Cooper lovers... Sheepo's classical car features in this car, with lots of functions as 4 speed remote controlled gearbox, so, the model is really close to a technic UCS model will be.

Lego Technic Minicooper

But, there is even more, this is the popular Bugatti Veyron... and don't need explanations, an astonishing model, I have to ask myself "I'm really ready for paying this product?" 550 $, but in this case be sure the price is not a reason for not support it!

Following with more supercars, the Vampire GT from CrowKillers, is another well known from the technic creations world, it will be dramatically cheaper than the bugatti if released as it has no power functions elements and about a third part of pieces, but not for this less interesting as a set, several functions and beauty shape.

Another car, this time from Jovel, this Black Dragon deserves his own official set too.

And now the Motorized Tachikoma!!! It already has more than 2800 supporters, it's inspired by the series Ghost in the Shell and of course it's motorized, as cute as the "real" series robots, it will be very popular set if ever released. Another fabulous creation by Mahjqa, as usual.

The next one recommended project is this impressive reproduction of the ASTACO Excavator (Advanced System with Twin Arm for Complex Operation) for the fidelity with the original, the several pneumatic functions and mainly because it's driven by a technic figure!!

Now two helicopters, first, the Technic Helicopter by Nico, cute and small, built with all the characteristics for being a Lego official set.

And the BELL UH1 search and rescue helicopter extremely long time project and with very realistic features and functions like Collective controls, cyclical control, tail rotor orientation... this creation deserves to take a look closer to its mechanisms...


Last, but no least, a great Cuusoo project I want to highlight is this selection of specific pieces,the Power Functions XS series all in smaller version than the actual ones, this will ad lots of possibilities in adding functions to the mocs without increasing sizes. Very interesting concept pieces.

In a next Cuusoo entry I will feature the GBC related Cuusoo projects, an official set from Lego with collaborative theme like the GBC will be so interesting for the Lego fan community...

April 16, 2012

The Stairs - Lego Technic GBC module by Rogvibest7

This is the latest GBC module from rogvibest7. The modules from this builder always feature unseen details like the jumping bed at the end of the classical stairs module.

Another good solution is the use of the universal joint piece as a rod, in order to reach a slim solution

Stay tuned for his youtube channel and website for other interesting creations, instructions and more future GBC modules.

April 10, 2012

Urban Operative

Urban Operative , a photo by Legohaulic on Flickr.
A great creation, it also is full of wonderful details, such as bullet holes in the walls, the best ones ever seen, or the superb gas mask.

April 7, 2012

The first HISPALUG Truck Trial competition

First edition with only four contestants, but lots of fun and laughs, here the video edited by Sheepo