November 13, 2013

Lego technic 2014 set. The 42024 Container Truck

The first "non watermarked" image of a 2014 Lego Technic set is revealed!

As we can see it has the possibility of being motorised with the 8293 Motor Set, also it includes the 5x11 Technic panels in blue, and as I've seen from a friend a new connector piece that would be very interesting.

More news of the new sets coming soon!

October 5, 2013

GBC-ing with style by Pierroguitar

Pierroguitar ( PierroLego 16 )has such a nice Lego creations but we are going to focus on its latests GBC modules.

Both has a perfect mix of design and function, including interesting mechanisms and excellent look.

The first one The rocking Escalator "controlled by a pirate captain of the space Is a very cool idea mixing the rocking "stairs" an a tilting bed, this combined mechanism is  fed by a pump system driven by an independent motor. Nice example of high grade of innovation in the mechanisms and not forgetting decoration and aesthetics in GBC development.

The second has TLOTR theme and will be very popular among the lovers of this theme, in this case the level of detail in the scenery is very high like the best vignettes had, representing moments of the book ( or the films)it has lots of TLOTR minifigsPF lights and also includes spiral lift and "stairs" mechanisms perfectly integrates in the diorama that the module is itself.

It is truly a masterpiece

October 1, 2013

Selfpropelled sugarbeet harvester, the Lego Technic Ropa euroTiger 8V-4 XL

This Moc has taken 3 years in the life of BondemandClausen, it is not unusual considering the high quality that the machine has.

Its hard to enumerate all the functions, specifications and details, so for full explanation visit the Eurobricks topic of the Ropa euroTiger 8V-4 XL

And for all the photos visit Flidsager Brickshelf galery

But the best, watch it in action on Youtube and compare it with the real thing:

July 31, 2013

The LEGObot 3D Printer

We've seen amazing robots on this blog, even 3D milling machines [ 1, 2 ].

But this is the next step, a LEGO 3D Printer and with Instructions!

See it in action and read the full description at

July 24, 2013

The JEEV3S, the robot which helps promote himself

From video description:

"what to do when you get a box full (40+ kg) of flyers and stickers for the new LEGO Mindstorms EV3? sort hundreds of stickers into hundreds of flyers by hand? that was yesterday ... today this will do the JEEV3S robot!"

July 16, 2013

Need a GBC ball counter?

If you want a GBC ball counter and you don't have an NXT set or enough pieces to emulate the mechanical counter from NICO but you have a smartphone, you can do an invention like this:

LegoGBC has developed and presents this excellent module, it is basically a belt module with a device to count balls that is basically An arm that blocks the proximity sensor of the phone:

See al the information in the video description:

July 7, 2013

JorgeoPesi's Tatra fever, the LEGO T-815 10x10

JorgeoPesi is a well known builder both in this blog and in the Technic universe over the net. Jorge has become a builder renowned for its impressive and polished creations, like this, his latest Tatra, this time a 10x10.

LEGO T-815 10x10

LEGO T-815 10x10

LEGO T-815 10x10

July 3, 2013

The review of the LEGO Technic 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition (BOSS)

Rm8 has uploaded the ultra-detailed review of his magnificent set LEGO Technic 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition at brickgarage.blogspot, check it!! ( use web translator )

 LEGO Technic 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition

This is really an awesome set!

More PF, more functions, new colours, new pieces...

Impressive partcount:

 LEGO Technic 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition

Exclusive panels!!
 LEGO Technic 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition
 LEGO Technic 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition

Exclusive Rims, so elegant:
 LEGO Technic 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition

And very good looking crawler, a really well done set:

 LEGO Technic 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition

 LEGO Technic 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition

You can read the original and exhaustive review on, and watch the video here:

July 2, 2013

One more time Akiyuky, one more amazing sorter

Some great GBC modules appeared on here since his previous sorter was featured in this blog, Akituky strikes back again, this time with an liftarm sorter instead of the previous axle sorter.

Akiyuky LEGO sorter liftarm

This machine is simpler than it's previous, with a perfect performance, and also with a sample of the creative process, priceless creation.

As in the video description:

"LEGO automatic liftarm sorter LS-L407.
This machine sorts liftarms by length (3,5,7,9,11,13,15).
The machine can sort 40 liftarms per minute.
Using one PF XL motor.
building time : 35 hours "

More information in: 

June 25, 2013

No tree can resist against the LEGO CAT 573C Feller

You might have noted that lately the posting activity on the blog has decreased a little bit... facts on my life, but would always take a pair of minutes to share with all of you good creations arround the LEGO TECHNIC planet, as this CAT 573C Feller from Kyle

The detail level and fidelity in the mechanisms is something to note in lego technic machinery mocs and in this case is just perfect except cause it can't cut the wooden trunks.

I also appreciate the videos cause technic frequently means motion:

June 13, 2013

24 x 24 The LEGO Technic Missile launcher

The first Moc that Waler presented on EuroBricks itself is this impressive-massive 24x24 Russian Missile Launcher  MAZ 7907 at scale 1:19

It features remote driving and steering and a polished bodywork with very military aspect, it seems to be the longest moving technic ever, for all the details visit the post on EUROBRICKS and the galery on Brickshelf

The video of the long vehicle and an also long photography from the top.

June 10, 2013

The fellows from Techlug and Setecnic Youtube channel just uploaded two videos featuring two of the Lego Technic new sets of 2H 2013, the  42009 Mobile Crane and the 42008 Tow Truck

Here the two nice videos showing nicely all the functions of the models and below them the links to it's reviews with all details and photos.

June 2, 2013

Lego Lamborghini Excellence, the Aventador

Francisco Hartley is a great Lego technic car builder and he once again demonstrates it.

With this Aventador reaches the highest levels of fidelity standards in Technic supercars.

Lego Lamborghini  Aventador
Via MocPages:

"This is my Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4. The car features: - V12 engine -AWD with 3 differentials -5 + R AWD transmission -Clutch -Pushrod suspension -Steering -Scissor doors with dumped shock absorbers -Retractive spoiler -Opening hood -Opening trunk This car was quite a challenge for me, it took a lot of work to get everything right, I try to be very perfectionist when it comes to shape and proportions of the body, but finally I got it; and I think the car looks awesome. Many functions this time, my favorites are the scissor doors and the pushrod suspension since I have never done those before. I’m also very pleased with my new compact AWD 5 + R gearbox with clutch and differential incorporated, it works very well."

Lego Lamborghini Lego Lamborghini

Lego Lamborghini

Lego Lamborghini

Lego Lamborghini

Visit the complete galery with all the photos of this creation in the author Mocpages and wacht the video, always the favourite part for this blog:

May 29, 2013

Lego Monorail with the ability to turn corners

Yes, this Lego monorail can turn 90 degree corners without any difficult. By egolegoque

It seems this is only a prototype but already deserves some diffusion it's too smart to let it get lost.

May 26, 2013

LEGO Motion Sensor without Electronic accelerometers

Everyone knows the accelerometers and sensors that are compatibles to the nxt, but in this case gdoset has done a similar device but full mechanical, with an XL motor as counterweight and the PF remote control.

Simple, smart and funny way to control RC sets and mocs!

As he say in Youtube:

"Control your LEGO creations with a motion sensor that functions like a single axis accelerometer, making it' steering feels just like Nintendo Wii."

May 24, 2013

Fantastic and fantasy military equipment with LEGO

One of the best things about LEGO is that you can create everything you want, so let's add to this fact military theme and...

You can achieve the level of  this two builders...

This is a LEGO model of the Antonov A-40 Krylya SirHandyMan so many details in here, as the tail of the... planetank

And here, a R-6 Froghopper, small one-man reconnaissance walker By JonHall18

It worth the mention of various EPIC piece usages in the body, articulations, legs and feet, also the master use of colours as old and new grays.

You have to know that building instructions for the walker can be downloaded here

May 20, 2013

Big images of the new 2h 2013 LEGO TECHNIC sets now with B-models

Presented by increasing size:

42001 Mini Off Roader

It keeps the orange color theme and seems a cheaper way to have the new micropanels.

42005 Monster Truck

Interesting piece count, panels, balljoints and the best trialtruck wheels.

42008 Service Truck


This is the return of the green, it seems the most interesting set of this season due to piece count, the great number and variety of the rare green panels and the pneumatic functions combined with linear actuators.

The secondary B-model seems interesting too.


42009 Mobile Crane MK II

LEGO TECHNIC 2013 set crane
LEGO TECHNIC 2013 set crane

Yes, another crane, personally i prefer the b model so much, a container handler:




May 18, 2013

It's not unusual in Sheepo. The LEGO Caterham Super 7

Presented as one of the novelties of the past MADbrick exhibition, the latest creation of Sheepo has all the latest technology developed by it's author, as the 3rd generation of gearboxes, the usual and  brake systems, transmission and suspension consistent with the actual car,also a special attention to every detail of the car, from the front to the rear even the interior, seats, exhaust and the sculpting of the body. All of this in even more compact space than in previous cars.

Sheepo LEGO caterham 7

Sheepo LEGO caterham 7

Sheepo LEGO caterham 7

Sheepo LEGO caterham 7

Sheepo LEGO caterham 7

Sheepo LEGO caterham 7

For sure you want to know more of this car and it's author, so visit Sheepo's Garage

If not.. ( I doubt ) The video of de car will change your mind: