May 12, 2012

The big LEGO TECHNIC Land-Rover Defender

The latest car of Sheepo is here! And it's a Land Rover defender!

It has so many functionalities... so best see the video or visit Sheepo's website where you will find all the detailed explanations.

Personally I'm very well impressed with this "supercar", mainly by the clean of the modular construction and all the realistic details all around both in mechanisms and aesthetics, I can't wait to play with it in next Spanish meetings...

Han's Twin wheel modification for 9397 Logging Truck:

The last instructions to "upgrade" official sets is to apply 'Twin Wheels' and a double differential unit on the rear axles (2nd and 3rd axle) at the 9397 Logging Truck, whereof the wheel width stays the same as the original set.

LEGO 9397 Logging Truck

It's remarkable that this is only the last high-quality instructions in a long row, its very recommendable to check the other ones to improve the playability and functionality of the sets you may already have.