July 2, 2013

One more time Akiyuky, one more amazing sorter

Some great GBC modules appeared on here since his previous sorter was featured in this blog, Akituky strikes back again, this time with an liftarm sorter instead of the previous axle sorter.

Akiyuky LEGO sorter liftarm

This machine is simpler than it's previous, with a perfect performance, and also with a sample of the creative process, priceless creation.

As in the video description:

"LEGO automatic liftarm sorter LS-L407.
This machine sorts liftarms by length (3,5,7,9,11,13,15).
The machine can sort 40 liftarms per minute.
Using one PF XL motor.
building time : 35 hours "

More information in: http://legokarakuri.blog91.fc2.com/