June 20, 2011

Lego RC tatra 8X8 By Zblj

Zblj Just presented this massive Tatra Truck at Eurobricks!!

One of the main resources to get lots of torque is the use of planetary gears inside the turntables of each wheel

The two independent RC motors use two indpendent gearboxes in order to power indpendent left/right side wheel drives. This way the trucks steers better, another advanced engineering resource.

Power: 2 RC motors
Gearbox: dual synchronized gearbox
Final gear rations: Low 1:50, high 1:16,67
Length: 60 cm
Width 23 cm
Height (-antenna) 22 cm
Weight 3,2 kg

Check the all terrain performance in the video:

Excellent MOC, in the line of this awared builder.

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