March 25, 2011

Corollary of a Legend, The 8865

1988 Technic Main Model with 900! pieces named TEST CAR and adding a red bodywork to the previous only-chassis supercars.

So let's see some versions and implementations, MOC's and MOD's

For first the scale reductions.

Everybody will know this micro 8865:


From a 5 Fantastic moc series called: Super size me, featuring the Supercars.

The minifig scale version from  Richard Brown, Luxury for minifigs.

And my own contribution to the legend, the technic figure scale 8865.

Of course the tribute of Blastem, do you recognize the spirit?

So similar tothe work of the great Sprogis

Now some versions motorisations and an awesome bodywork:

From Lowcola

And from raffatag

Other yellow by 

Another Yellow 8865 mixed with pieces of the 8880 in this blog: 8865 hybrid delicatessen

And this truck, a special mention need...

And my custom 8865 alternate, the epic warrior:

Finally one of the best 8865 shots in the net:

Thanks for your attention and to all the builders featured!


  1. I love this set. This was the last set that I got before going into my 'dark-ages', and I still have it around here somewhere, 23 years later.

    In your intro, you said '1998' - this should be '1988' :

  2. @SLFroden

    Thanks! it was a lapsus ;-)

  3. Love your technic figure scale supercar! awesome! ;)

  4. Great article, the scaledowns are very interesting. This set remains one of my all-time Lego favourites!