January 25, 2011

History of a GBC Module

The name of the creation is "ROD", a GBC module and the really interesting think isn't the beauty or engineering of the module, what i want to show is the work of design and optimization of mechanisms and piece usage along the design process.

First stages of design:

At this time the module where just a concept..

After some little changes I've made the exit gate but at this time the main need is to low the platform and optimice the piece usage.

In this image you can see the eliminated parts in red, the conserved and new functions added parts in green, and the high of platform decreased.

Next step where the reception gate...

After several changes I managed to fix this and finally goes with motorization where I need to decrease the hi speed of the old motor to a smooth movement.

Some images of the final gear ratio and Sariel's calculator table.

And Philo's 9V Motor comparison.

    6 V0.45 N.cm580 rpm0.32 A0.27 W1.9 W14 %
    7 V0.45 N.cm1000 rpm0.32 A0.46 W2.3 W20 %
    9 V0.45 N.cm2000 rpm0.32 A0.9 W3 W31 %
    12 V0.45 N.cm3300 rpm0.33 A1.5 W4 W39 %

Finally the module travel to Hispabrick (see the first post of this blog) and work very hard without fails, because the several redesigns and improvements made. Also a control panel and a chair where added to place a Technic figure for some maintenance.

I hope you liked this story!

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