December 30, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Wow, time goes by.... so fast!

I just realized that this blog has just reached the two years old!!!


Thanks to all subscribers in blogger, rss, youtube playlist, Facebook, all the blogs and sites who link here and for all the readers, this blog is for all of you and it seems that you like it so it will keep showing funny and interesting content related mainly to the Lego Technic.

I would make contests and celebration parties but my pocket is empty... for now, so just stay tuned to the blog and the upcoming 2nd Technic weekend, soon more information ;-)



  1. Happy Bithday Technic Delicatessen.

    Keep going with such good articles about our favourite LEGO ^^

  2. Congrats! Keep it up for another 2 years! ;).

    Yiharuablog has also achieved a year recently :).

  3. hahah! :D Congratulations!!!

    Continue with the good quality posts!!! ;)

  4. Happy Bithday Technic Delicatessen!!

    Follow with this!!