May 9, 2012

Porsche Madness!!

After the revolutionary Porsche 911 (997) Turbo Cabriolet PDK presented one year ago, we got fresh news for the LEGO-Porsche fans.

For first this new update from the previous car, the Making of: Porsche 911 (997) Turbo Cabriolet PDK, very interesting document about the design process, "fails", other information and a chance to see the supercar when it was only a chassis:

Porsche lego technic

Or priceless images of the gearbox ^_^

Porsche lego technic

The next Porsche I'd share is the Spiderbrick's Porsche Turbo-S Black Edition:

Porsche lego technic

Porsche lego technic

This car features the following functions:

- Based on its line and original mechanic in the Porsche Turbo S
- Motor Boxter of 6 cylinders I biturbo
- Motor easily detachable (fixed with 2 pins)
- Reverse Gear box of 5 speeds and (original idea of Crowkillers)
- Independent Suspension in the 4 wheels
- Traction AWD"
And it has a lovely detailed engine:

Lego technic porsche

And smart piece usage at seats:

Lego technic porsche

More photos at Spiderbrick's brickshelf  and the video fromYoutube:

The third and last Porsche is the PORSCHE 997 GT3 from Crowkillers featuring:

  • 6 speed transmission
  • "Hand of God" steering system with functional Dash Steering Wheel
  • Flat 6 Rear mounted Engine
  • Full Independent Suspension
  • Opening Hood, Doors and Trunk

And this shape:

Another perfect example of  LEGO TECHNIC  round surfaces build all around this very clean chassis:

lego technic porsche

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