September 12, 2014

Ferrari F-40 By Jorgeopesi. SUPPORT it in Lego Ideas!

This is the best reason possible to awake the blog, Jorgeopesi has presented his Ferrari F40. And it's uploaded in Lego Ideas.

Click on the image to support it on Lego Ideas!

November 13, 2013

Lego technic 2014 set. The 42024 Container Truck

The first "non watermarked" image of a 2014 Lego Technic set is revealed!

As we can see it has the possibility of being motorised with the 8293 Motor Set, also it includes the 5x11 Technic panels in blue, and as I've seen from a friend a new connector piece that would be very interesting.

More news of the new sets coming soon!

October 5, 2013

GBC-ing with style by Pierroguitar

Pierroguitar ( PierroLego 16 )has such a nice Lego creations but we are going to focus on its latests GBC modules.

Both has a perfect mix of design and function, including interesting mechanisms and excellent look.

The first one The rocking Escalator "controlled by a pirate captain of the space Is a very cool idea mixing the rocking "stairs" an a tilting bed, this combined mechanism is  fed by a pump system driven by an independent motor. Nice example of high grade of innovation in the mechanisms and not forgetting decoration and aesthetics in GBC development.

The second has TLOTR theme and will be very popular among the lovers of this theme, in this case the level of detail in the scenery is very high like the best vignettes had, representing moments of the book ( or the films)it has lots of TLOTR minifigsPF lights and also includes spiral lift and "stairs" mechanisms perfectly integrates in the diorama that the module is itself.

It is truly a masterpiece

October 1, 2013

Selfpropelled sugarbeet harvester, the Lego Technic Ropa euroTiger 8V-4 XL

This Moc has taken 3 years in the life of BondemandClausen, it is not unusual considering the high quality that the machine has.

Its hard to enumerate all the functions, specifications and details, so for full explanation visit the Eurobricks topic of the Ropa euroTiger 8V-4 XL

And for all the photos visit Flidsager Brickshelf galery

But the best, watch it in action on Youtube and compare it with the real thing:

July 31, 2013

The LEGObot 3D Printer

We've seen amazing robots on this blog, even 3D milling machines [ 1, 2 ].

But this is the next step, a LEGO 3D Printer and with Instructions!

See it in action and read the full description at

July 24, 2013

The JEEV3S, the robot which helps promote himself

From video description:

"what to do when you get a box full (40+ kg) of flyers and stickers for the new LEGO Mindstorms EV3? sort hundreds of stickers into hundreds of flyers by hand? that was yesterday ... today this will do the JEEV3S robot!"